brad maiden

Managing Director / Co-Founder

With extensive experience as a project director and consultant in the entertainment, cultural and leisure sectors, Brad brings passion and insight to his role as Managing Director. Brad develops strategy, fosters client and partner relationships, and creates new business opportunities.

Brad is an award-winning consultant and has successfully directed projects for world icons and companies such as the Sydney Opera House, Galaxy Entertainment Group, AEG Worldwide, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, the soon-to-be tallest temple in the world under construction in India.

He has worked closely with government agencies, architects, engineers and property developers to enable the cost-effective and successful development of their space. He has inspired and been inspired by technologists to design cutting-edge systems for interaction between people and place through technology. And he has led creative teams who have created visuals that inspire a collective sense of wonder for our clients and activated precincts.

Brad is a natural leader, a keen collaborator and has developed his considerable talents in Australia, Asia and Europe over the last 20 years. He takes a strategic view of our projects and ensures project outcomes align with our client’s ambitions. He works closely with Saber’s space planning and creative disciplines to ensure that the purpose of each space is front and centre of our designs.