brendan woithe

Music Composition & Soundscapes

Brendan has 30 years of composition and scoring experience and is well known for his signature soundscapes and use of new technology within multichannel music and sound design. His music and sound has launched new EA games at E3 in Los Angeles, accompanied dance in Paris, informed crowds at the CISCO pavilion at the London Olympics, launched a new VW car in New York, and taught children at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Theatre Company.

He has composed the score and sound for the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion for the World Expo, sound installation the AT&T TriBeCa Film Festival, sound design for the opera Clusters of Light in Arab Emirates and composed full-length experimental dance scores with Gary Stewart.

With Saber, Brendan composes music and scores for our clients in advertising, experiential audio, installation, film, television, documentary, contemporary dance, branding, art and experimental projects. His creative energy and enthusiasm to ensure he has captured our client’s aspirations make him a valuable addition to the team.