sheena boughen

Strategic Advisor & Mentor

Sheena Boughen believes that organisations that are most successful will be grounded in ambitious sustainable ecological, social and economic principles. Her contribution to this is to design processes and facilitate dialogues with companies to find new ways of building value.

The focus is on defining what success is for the future, and then working back from that to get a realistic sense of the strategy to achieve this. Sheena’s experience ranges from large companies such as BHPbilliton and ANZ bank and Dupont, to Sydney Festival and the ithree Institute at University Of Technology, Sydney.

Her enthusiastic and strategic approach encourages people to be open to innovative methods tackling tough problems, with a focus on action. Sheena specialises in multi stakeholder dialogue and forums where perceived conflict or tension is translated into value, always ensuring that challenges are surfaced.

Sheena uses an inquiry approach, and encourages the use of critical questioning and using imaginative and creative ways to get focused on strategic needs, developing resilient team processes within a collaborative culture.

The previous ten years her focus was as Chair of the Board of Four Winds, a music-based not for profit organisation in Bermagui, NSW.