Australian War Memorial, Canberra


Reinvigorate your facility through cutting-edge technology

The renewal of the Australian War Memorial was part of an initiative by the Canberra Government to reinvigorate the facility through cutting edge technology and exciting and interactive storytelling, making it a vibrant cultural hub with the community at its heart.

Saber’s Blake Garner’s expertise was central to upgrading the lighting and control systems that included lighting states and multimedia being triggered by an ACS, interactive signage and wayfinding.

Designed and installed over a 2 year period from 2007 these systems are still in operation, demonstrating the Saber team’s attention to detail to ensure a robust and highly available lighting network and control.

Animated content was created for the immersive central trench walkway space which forms the spine and pathway of the exhibition and features a giant animated panorama projected across 4 huge screens with astounding resolution and detail.