Legend Boulevard, Fisherman’s Wharf


Increasing footfall through immersive experiences

Located on the waterfront in the original port of Macau, Fisherman’s Wharf is a mixed-use precinct consisting of hotels, themed restaurants, bars clubs and gaming. The centrepiece of the precinct is the 380-metre long Legend Boulevard which links the attractions together under an inspiring and geomatrically-arranged membrane canopy. The canopy has been designed and constructed to enable the 3D projection of video content to tell the story of Macau through immersive imagery and soundscapes.

The Saber team provided comprehensive technology and creative design services to progress a design that is robust, redundant and reliable. Video content is projected onto the canopy above so detailed projector location design and mapping was undertaken to ensure that all canopies have even coverage. There are up to 100 of 30,000 lumens laser projectors to be integrated into the canopy vertical supports to provide this illumination. There are also powerful, broadcast-grade media servers and transport infrastructure to provide the mapping and video distribution to the projectors.

A 3D spatial sound system was designed to playback the soundscape that was created with the projected video content. This system enables the music to follow the imagery on the canopy above so that patrons can truly experience an immersive show.
Our creative team provided a narrative that is based on three concepts: Landscape, Seascape and Cityscape. Each concept tells a unique story of the history of Macau, and its emergence as an international leisure destination.

Saber also worked with the Client developing a workforce planning strategy to enable a smooth transition of skills from hotel-based technology staff, to include a staffing structure able to operate and maintain more complex entertainment technology systems. This included advice on Hong Kong/Macau capabilities, the Client’s technical team structure and development of position descriptions.