University of Wollongong,

Social Sciences and Law, Humanities

and the Arts Building


Cutting edge facilities for specialist learning spaces

The new Social Sciences and Law, Humanities and the Arts Building (Western) Building will be a landmark development for the Wollongong campus. The proposed project will accommodate the diverse functions of the School of The Arts English and Media (TAEM), the School of Health and Society (HAS) School and the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities (SGSC) into a collaborative and engaging hub that will support the ambitions of next generation research and learning.

Functions that will be accommodated include specialist teaching spaces, academic and professional staff workplace, informal collaboration spaces as well as other support spaces. The proposed building will be approximately 10,000sqm gross floor area across four levels plus a plant level.

Saber is responsible for technology design and delivery including audio visual, production lighting, broadcast, TV and news room, theatre machinery and retractable seating design for the theatres, music teaching and performance spaces, recording studios, 3D mixing suites, broadcast director’s and production studio and news and radio rooms.

Saber is also responsible for the design and delivery of the AV systems in the teaching spaces, general office, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Saber is also working closely with Richard Crookes Constructions and the Contractor team to undertake value management exercises, contractor compliance and construction monitoring, and testing and commissioning of all of the technical systems within their design remit.

The project will open in early 2020.